Hello again, today was our 2nd Artisan Market of 2019

When I looked out of the window at 6am this morning and saw the snow falling my heart missed a beat ! But my wife Yvonne as ever the sensible one said come on we can sort this out and she cleared a space in Excelsior Wholesale to fit some traders in and with the winery and the conference room I was able to get most of my market undercover .



That left 6 outside so we cleared away most of the surplus stalls and covered and tied down the rest as securely as we could in preparation for the wind that was forecast.

Soon the first traders arrived and started setting up in preparation for who knew what on a day with such an awful weather forecast ! The mood was mainly jolly and we had a couple of new traders Martin from Blue Bear Art with some fabulous pictures and Adrian with his superb coffee and Sooks ltd  with a selection of her healthier sweet treats vegan and vegetarian friendly and gluten free .



Dao was able to be here with her Thai food , of which I had a portion for my lunch, bringing back memories of Thailand only with better weather.



Still it doesn’t matter how good the goods are if there aren’t any people to sell to, but at 10am the 1st cars started coming down the lane and the local people once again did not let us down, for the next 4 hours there was a steady flow of people turning up wind blown but happy to wander around the stalls looking, trying and yes even buying goods form the Artisan Market traders who as usual had put all their efforts into creating such interesting stands of various goods .

Amongst the crowd were friends and neighbours, old work colleagues , Mr Electric and family and Amanda from Find A Biz, Tamworth all enjoying the morning browsing and even having breakfast or lunch in the Loft Bistro, and if you haven’t eaten up there in the last 12 months then you have missed a treat !!