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Buzzards Valley Vineyard Nestled in the Canwell Valley on a 60-acre site some 8000 vines are grown across seven varieties of German and French grapes. Established in 2001, Buzzards Valley has since grown to develop six fishing lakes and a successful retail and online shop.

December 8th Christmas Artisan Market

Hi folks, Sunday was our last market of the year and despite the very mixed weather conditions it went really well. We had a great selection of arts and crafts, local food produce, Christmas gifts, home furnishings, well being goods and not forgetting the dog treats and dog training plus so much more. At 11 […]

October 13th Artisan Market

Hi folks,  Following on from a successful last few months at the Artisan Market I am delighted to report another great turn out last Sunday – from 10am almost on the dot, cars started coming down the lane and continued to do so throughout the morning.  I had my reservations when Leon, Tom and I […]

March 10th Artisan Market

Hello again, today was our 2nd Artisan Market of 2019 When I looked out of the window at 6am this morning and saw the snow falling my heart missed a beat ! But my wife Yvonne as ever the sensible one said come on we can sort this out and she cleared a space in […]

First Market of the year

Hi Folks , Sunday was the first market of 2019 and we were out there from 7.30am setting up the new stalls that Leon and his merry band built with the rain pouring down on us , but when we were finished the market area looked much more uniform and made it easier for the […]

Buzzards Valley Blog

Hands up who started the new year with healthy living plans, including lots of fresh food and healthy eating? Now that the festive glow has faded and the winter is kicking in, it’s harder than ever to keep that focus, so we want to help you make it easier.   Come on down to the […]

Christmas Artisan Market

Roll up, roll up! It’s the final market of the year – and what a year it has been. Buzzards Valley is heading directly towards the 2nd Christmas Artisan Market, and it’s looking bigger than ever. So what can we expect? Mountains of tempting treats The beauty of the Buzzards Valley Market is that the […]