Manhattan Decanter



A sophisticated, modern barware range, Manhattan is a spectacular collection.

The rounded bowl of each piece, twinned with the heavy & curvaceous base makes for a uniquely voluptuous assortment.

The thick ice stems & bases create stunningly weighted glasses, whilst still maintaining a great clarity.

Manhattan is a full range with not only drinking glasses, but also an elegant decanter too- perfect for your favourite spirit!

All items in the range are gift boxed.

  • Each Decanter has a custom ground stopper ensuring a perfect fit
  • Designed with a smooth, voluptuous shape and solid base for a superb and stylish statement
  • The thick ice base provides excellent weight, whilst the rounded base flairs in a way which makes the decanter easy to hold & pour
  • Sleek, curved lines give the decanter an elegant, contemporary profile
  • Mouth blown and hand crafted by skilled craftsmen

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg