Raspberry Balsam Vinegar



This highly popular raspberry fruit vinegar is created from high-quality white wine vinegar infused with pure natural raspberry juice. Versatile and vivacious for both sweet & savoury use, it’s a real winner!

Try with the Lemon Infused Olive oils for a match made in heaven dressing that can’t go wrong.

  • Drizzle over ice cream or pancakes.

  • Pour over a Yorkshire pudding filled with roast vegetables.

  • Add a splash to sauces and gravies.

  • Use with chicken, fish, pork, lamb and beef.

  • Liven up coleslaw with a Raspberry Balsam vinaigrette.

  • Add a to sparkling wine or water for an aperitif.

Allergens: Contains Sulphites

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100ml, 250ml