All Lake Rules

  • Maximum of two rods per person

  • No braided line

  • Barbless hooks Only

  • One Hook ONLY per rod!

  • Minimum main line of 8lb on carp lakes

  • Minimum main line of 3lb on all other fishing lakes

  • All fish must be returned using a net

  • When returning the fish to the water please allow enough time for the fish to recover before releasing it

  • You must carry and use a good quality barrel type disgorger

  • Do not pull a deep hook free in most cases this will be fatal to the fish

Bait Restrictions

We have a liberal policy on baits and methods, however the following are not allowed.


  • No tinned cat or dog meat

  • No floating Baits

  • No joker

  • No artificial baits

  • No blood worm

  • Sweetcorn, Hemp, Luncheon meat, Bread and ground bait in moderation only

Please use the bins provided or take your rubbish home, Anyone seen littering will be asked to leave with no refund.

Please DO NOT use the dip tanks as littler bin