Our Story

Since 1962 the family business has been here on the Canwell Estate. Starting out with farming, they then moved on to growing vegetables.

The next steps were opening a small florists which eventually expanded into a large wholesale business, Excelsior Dried Flowers.

In 2001, the planting of 8000 vines started and a few years later a winery and a wine shop we constructed on the premises. The business has since grown to include a fishery.

In 2016, the production of gins started, alongside our wines and Buzzards Valley continues to be a great success.

The story is far more detailed and a great way to hear more about it is to book onto one of our Vineyard tours which run the first Friday night of every month from May to October. Vouchers can also be purchased for the tours to make the ideal present.

The Winery and Distillery

Ivan, the gin still

Our copper still is named Ivan after the business founder, Ivan Jones.

Once our gin is distilled, additional botanicals are used to provide colour and flavour.


Although modern kit and guidelines apply, our wines are the product of a traditional process.

Starting with a harvest from our vineyard, we begin with pulping the grapes to extract the juice and skins.

Various thermostatically-controlled vats take the juice and skins, as appropriate, through the traditional fermentation process to produce our white, rose, and red wines.

After the appropriate quality checks are passed our wines are ready for bottling and labelling.

Keep an eye out for us at local farmers’ and artisan market. Our wines and gins can also be sampled in our on site shop.

Our Awards & Recognition

One of our most recent achievements is winning awards for our products.

Drinks Manufacturer of the Year 2016

“We are very proud to have received these awards. Onward and upwards from here on!“
Leon Jones